Welcome To Pinay for Jesus!


Pinay is the colloquial form of Filipina, a word that refers to a Filipino woman.   This blog is so named because aside from being Pinay, the author believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in the authority of the Bible.  Though certain groups in societies are laboring to discredit the truth of God, His existence,the testimonies of millions of people around the world, of  how their lives have changed after they accepted Jesus Christ prove that there is hope and life has a purpose.   The Bible maybe the oldest book in the world, but its relevance and power to change people and societies has not waned.  It shows the extent of God’s love for humankind, and whether we believe or not, neither changes nor diminishes this truth.

Entries in this blog hope to impart the experiences, insights and lessons learned  by the author and other believers  in  Christ; challenge the readers to get to know the Christ and experience for themselves the freedom that Jesus promises; but most of all, testify on God’s goodness and faithfulness  throughout all generations.

Comments or feedback from the readers are most welcome.


Like most Pinay, the author performs many roles and tasks.  She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister , friend, entrepreneur, writer and an advocate.  She is currently teaching Communication courses and finishing her graduate diploma in Biblical Languages.     She  has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts  and a postgraduate degree in Women and Development .   She is also a  partner in CREATED PINAY, a company that supports the Great Commission and the Filipino women’s  role in its completion.

The author first encountered God’s saving grace in 1986, since then life has never been the same for her.  Her life is a testimony of God’s faithfulness .


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