The wall of Jerusalem.


When God allowed the reconstruction of  the wall of Jerusalem, He prepared everything necessary for its rebuilding.  He raised up a king in Persia,  Artaxerxes, who would be receptive to the idea and placed an Israelite cupbearer, Nehemiah, right inside the palace where the seat of power was.  Nehemiah’s role in the wall’s reconstruction was pivotal.  God placed such a heavy burden in his heart that caused him to plead to God for its restoration.  God answered, the royal permission to rebuild was given to the cupbearer.

In the Book of Nehemiah, we can plainly see how God does things.  Before he executes His plan, He already anticipates every detail that is necessary for it to succeed.  God does not only consider the material resources necessary, but also the people who will be involved.  Aside from king Artaxerxes and Nehemiah, in chapter 3 of the book,  Nehemiah tells us that the Israelites,  who returned to Jerusalem from their exile to Babylon,  also helped in the restoration of the walls.  But not everything went smoothly. Nehemiah and the Israelites soon faced oppositions left and right from the Ammonites, Arabs and Samaritans (Nehemiah chapters 4 and 6).  Despite the odds however, the Lord’s will prevailed.  The wall of Jerusalem was completed after 52 days.  God provided everything Nehemiah and the Israelites needed including the protection and the favor to do what they must do.

The oppositions Nehemiah and the Israelites experienced  in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem is not a thing of the past.  Present-day believers in Christ experience similar oppositions throughout their walk in the Lord.   From the day a person surrenders his/her life to Jesus, satan and his cohorts  scamper in fear and intensify their schemes against the newly born-again hoping that they will be able to cause him/her to  stumble and go back to hjs/her former  life.

Satan is the enemy of God, hence also of the Bride of Christ, the church.  The Bible warns us that satan will always do everything in his power to oppose the plans of God which he (satan) has been doing since creation.  The devil hates everything that will cause the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth.   But the Bible also tells as that Jesus Christ has given us the authority over the enemy and the power to defeat the devil and his cohorts.  Jesus in the book of Luke 10:18-19  said, “I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven.  I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of  the enemy.  Nothing will harm you.”  We have this promise.  And I believe that just like the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall,  God has prepared everything for us before He allows us to do  the task that He gives to each of us.   He knows all that we will need to accomplish our assignments from Him.  He has equipped us for all the turns and potholes that we will have to make in order to overcome.

The enemy cannot defeat us, not unless we allow him.   The victory that the Lord Jesus Christ won, He won for us so that by trusting Him we can live victoriously.  Like Nehemiah, God gives each of us that “heaviness” in our hearts that will make us fall down on our knees and plead to God for its realization.   Once we receive the “go signal,” we have to make a go for it.  Opposition or no opposition, it will not matter.  What should only matter is that we were able to obey and glorify our God.  As Nehemiah wrote, “ Do not grieve.  For the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10, NIV).


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